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'Stakes Are High, Choice Is Clear': Joe Biden Vows To Stay In US Presidential Race Amid Growing Calls For His Exit

US President Joe Biden reaffirmed his commitment on Friday to remain in the White House race, countering rising pressure from within the Democratic party suggesting he might withdraw as early as this weekend. He stated that the stakes are high, and the choice is clear. Biden also expressed eagerness to return to campaigning next week, as his doctor reported he was recovering well from Covid."The stakes are high, and the choice is clear. Together, we will win," the 81-year-old said from the Delaware beach home where he is in Covid isolation, as quoted by AFP."I look forward to getting back on the campaign trail next week," Biden stated as his doctor said that he was bouncing back from the symptoms of the disease.ALSO READ | Barack Obama Turns Against Joe Biden? Here's What He Said About Party Colleague's US Presidential RaceAccording to news agency AFP, the political standing of Biden seems more precarious, with ten additional House Democrats and two senators now publicly pledging to withdraw from the November election against Donald Trump.Concerns regarding Biden's age and health were aroused three weeks ago after a dismal debate performance against Trump. He has now received calls to resign from over 30 House Democrats as well as 4 senators.US Presidential Elections 2024: Democrats Urge Biden To Step AsideProminent supporters like Silicon Valley investor Michael Moritz and actor George Clooney have also suggested that Biden should step aside. "Sadly, President Biden has a choice -- vanity or virtue," the New York Times quoted Moritz as saying.With senior Democrats reportedly expressing trouble, polls indicating Trump might reclaim the Oval Office, and dwindling fundraising, pressure on Biden has intensified. NBC News reported discussions within the family of Biden about a potential campaign exit, though no final decision had been made.US Vice President Kamala Harris, was holding an emergency call with donors on Friday to succeed him as the Democratic presidential candidate if Biden does drop out. However, Biden's campaign, dismissed rumours of his potential exit, asserting he remains the best candidate. Biden's statement lashed out over his rival's speech at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee on Thursday, saying that "Donald Trump's dark vision for the future is not who we are as Americans."However, there has been a clear divide between the two campaigns, with Trump being greeted with triumph by the newly united Republicans following his survival of an attempted assassination on Saturday.Biden has experienced mounting pressure in the last 48 hours, with reports that former president Barack Obama, ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the party's congressional leaders had all expressed concerns behind the scenes.

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